Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nutrition Consult_Brain Balance #1

So we've started a journey down this road of working on Ayden's autism.  After starting him in speech and occupational therapies at school, Brain Balance was recommended to us as an option for drastically improving his behavior, success, and learning.  We went and had him evaluated (waited until they were running a promo because the cost is steep) and met with the center director.

We were all in to what they were saying, but not into the amount it cost...but we ran the numbers and broke down figures and, honestly, for therapy and nutrition guidance, the cost wasn't too bad (it was just a big number when you add it all together).

So this morning I'm preparing for my first consult with the nutritionist armed with Ayden's "food sensitivity" test -- which showed he's sensitive to almost nothing that he eats, which is GREAT news. And I'm reading through the first week's "homework" with a healthy amount of skepticism about the blanket statements they're making about certain "supplements".  I guess we'll see how it goes, but I'm not much of one to take any sort of supplement/medication unless my doctor tells me I absolutely HAVE to and I'm the same way with Ayden.  Not sure that's the right attitude to have, but I'm protective...what can I say?

One of the supplements they want him to take is "fish oil," which I've ALWAYS been skeptical of, despite the evidence of the benefits.  Can't I get him omega 3s in some other way - ground flax seed or something that isn't a supplement (especially a $55 supplement!!)?  I guess after I speak to the nutritionist, we'll see.  But I am definitely hounding my google account for ways to get Omega-3s without taking that stuff.  Too bad he won't just EAT FISH....argh.

Ayden, I hope you read this one day while you're eating mackerel sushi and laugh your head off.  (Because mackerel is my favorite and I think you'll love it one day.)

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